African-American Family Heirloom Bible

Here is a Bible that honors the heritage of the African-American family. This luxurious edition features:

  • Complete Family Record Section including Military Records
  • The African Influence in Scripture
  • A Guide for Religious Workers and Bible Teachers
  • “The Family Album” Scrapbooking Section
  • The Celebration of Kwanzaa
  • Ceremony Readings on Our Wedding Day
  • “A Guide to Religion in the Home” with color artwork
  • Illustrated 54-page Bible Dictionary
  • Maps with Scripture Atlas
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • Parables and Miracles of the Bible
  • Calendar for Daily Reading of Scriptures
  • Guide to the Laws of the Bible

A complete Family Heritage section is complimented by illustrations and information about African-American art inspired by stories in the Bible. Attractive padded cover and two-color embossing.

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